BERLIN – Homeowners, businesses and tenants will start the new year with roughly 21% higher electricity bills, in line with new electricity supply tariffs set by the Utilities Regulatory Authority, which will go into effect January 1st.

Residential customers of Eversource Energy in Connecticut use about 700 kilowatt-hours of electricity each month on average. This will translate to an average increase of $ 31 on their monthly bill, according to company officials.

Several different factors are responsible for the rate increases, including a worldwide surge in the prices of oil and natural gas – the fuels that power our power plants.

Supply constraints, weather conditions and the challenges of the pandemic are also to blame.

The new rates will be in effect from January 1 to June 30, 2022.

“Depending on the amount of energy used, their rate category and the weather conditions throughout the heating season, customers could see an increase of about 21% over their current monthly bill – about $ 31 per month – on the supply side of their electricity bill, ”Eversource spokesperson Mitch Gross said on Monday. “We buy electricity from wholesale suppliers on behalf of our customers and pass the cost directly to them with no profit to the company. By state law, these supply rates are adjusted twice a year – on January 1 and July 1. Historically, they increase on January 1 and historically fell on July 1.

In a press release, Eversource Executive Vice President Penni Conner said energy prices are not expected to drop anytime soon due to the current situation our world is facing.

“We really understand the pressure this will have on many of our customers who are still struggling with the covid-19 pandemic,” Conner said. “Unfortunately, global conditions are such that energy prices will continue to rise and remain high for some time.”

She urged customers to take advantage of statewide money-saving programs like Operation Fuel or UniteCT, which offers residents affected by the covid-19 pandemic up to $ 15,000 in energy or in rental assistance.

Eversource offers payment plans and its Home Energy Solutions initiative can provide homeowners with an energy audit that includes on-site improvements to save them money on their energy bills.

More information about the utility programs is available at

Other ways to cut energy costs in winter include switching to LED lights, weatherizing windows and doors, changing furnace filters, and setting thermostats to a lower temperature while letting in as much. sun as possible in the house during the day.

Eversource customers who buy natural gas to heat their homes can also expect rates to increase as the weather gets colder.

“Eversource supplies natural gas to 246,000 customers in 74 communities,” Gross said. “Those who heat with natural gas could see an increase of 14%, or $ 30, on their total bill over their average monthly winter heating bill in 2020.”

The Purchased Gas Adjustment Rate (PGA), which reflects the total unit cost of purchased gas, is adjusted monthly. Customers will likely see their rates change throughout the winter.

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