On-demand business education platform StartupStarter announces 2n/a Annual Flagship Conference, Advisory Council, Oscar-Met Gala-Grammy style (OMG) 2022 Equity Crowdfunding Awards and the Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award, at this 3-day immersive and experiential hybrid event.

LOS ANGELES, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Entrepreneurs, issuers and investors from around the world gather for the second edition Equity Crowdfunding Week Conferencehosted by StartupStarteran on-demand business education platform launched in 2020. Equity Crowdfunding Week is a three-day experiential event showcasing the most innovative companies raising capital in the private markets of the United States, Canada & Beyond. This fully immersive experience will have a strong focus on issuers actively raising capital and investors looking for the next unicorn, while activating the city of LA With the rise of NextGen startups looking to raise capital, Equity Crowdfunding Week offers a unique opportunity to position the industry as a safe haven for retail investors in a deepening financial downturn. The event is designed to increase investment opportunities for issuers, startups looking to learn more about launching a crowdfunding campaign, and the future of retail investing through regulatory crowdfunding.

StartupStarter, Inc.

“Equity Crowdfunding Week 2022 is our response to the economic downturn as the world shakes up, bracing for the impact”

The immersive Equity Crowdfunding Week experience includes 3 days of hybrid programming and activations across the city of Los Angeles, CA featuring startup exhibits in 5 fully immersive domes and will cover 6 industry tracks to include startups, cleantech, real estate, cannabis, e-commerce and Web3. The tracks will focus on topics such as the founder of tomorrow, investing in diversity and inclusion, transitioning to a green planet, post-pandemic commerce, tackling the housing shortage, how cannabis is lights, collectibles, the future of Web3, digital assets, & much more.

ECW AT NIGHT & Industry Activations bring a unique experience to the conference while celebrating day-to-night entrepreneurs. With activations to include a Collectibles & NFT Art Show – Launch Party, a private Shabbat dinner hosted by Dalmore Group, a celebration of minority founders and cleantech startups. Join ECW At Night as the conference site comes alive with musical artists and DJ showcases, food vendors, cocktail parties hosted by event partners, industry-leading platforms from crowdfunding and the 2022 Equity Crowdfunding Awards.

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