The opposition parties in Andhra Pradesh are furious with the YCP government for following double standards with regard to observance of the rules.

The state government is already over-running and cannot pay salaries to employees or provide pensions to retirees on a regular basis. However, GO has reportedly issued releasing Rs 20 lakh each to ministers for the purchase of new vehicles. Apart from this, another 55 lakh rupee expense was incurred to renovate and paint the chambers of the ministers, advisers and other senior officials of the Secretariat to comply with the regulations. It was learned that some ministers had sent letters asking for new furniture in their rooms.

On the one hand, the head of the energy department urged the public to be thrifty in using electricity during peak hours in the wake of the energy crisis, and on the other hand, the government does not follow the same principle when it comes to electricity. spending, even as the state is getting into deep debt, opposition leaders said.

The public was urged not to use air conditioners between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. to alleviate power shortages, but the government is not following the same rule when it comes to spending by ministers and advisers, they said.

Last month, the government issued OG releasing loans of Rs 20 lakh to two ministers and TDP MLC Ashok Babu obtained copies of the orders through RTI.

Opposition leaders questioned the YCP leaders about why money was wasted on petty matters, even when the state is deep in debt.

The central government has also become aware of the financial crisis in the state and asked the main general audit to send information on the loans that are being taken above the FRBM limits, in addition to other loans on behalf of various corporations. The state government was asked to provide information on loans made through Nabard, RBI, and others beyond the FRBM limits.

The state government had not paid pensions to retired professors from various state universities and also to others from other departments.

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