Pandemic Emergency / Payroll Related Small Business Loans Launched in US

Stellar Payment Systems has announced an expansion of its services for small business owners who need fresh capital to support their ongoing operations in a challenging environment.

Stellar Payment Systems (SPS), a Miami, Florida-based financial services provider, has expanded its range of services for business owners looking for a convenient solution to support their operations. The company now offers business loans to entrepreneurs in all 50 states that can be used to address various needs.

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With the updated service, SPS seeks to help companies that are dealing with the impact of the pandemic on their operations. The company aims to support companies through financial programs with flexible payment terms to overcome financial obstacles quickly and easily. The company’s goal is to streamline the financing process for small business owners and address the growing demand for working capital from distressed entities.

According to recent statistics, up to 66% of small businesses in the US experienced financial hurdles in the past year, with inattention to operating expenses emerging as the most common problem. When asked what action they would take in the event of a two-month loss of income, nearly half of affected business owners said they would rely on their personal funds and 17% admitted they would close.

Although the proportion of companies that applied for financing in 2020 and 2021 has not changed since 2018, nearly 50% of those surveyed said they would consider obtaining additional financing in the future.

Those who decide to take advantage of SPS ‘updated service will benefit from a speedy approval procedure even if they have a bad credit history. The average time to finance the company is 48 hours, but the same day is possible, allowing companies to access vital capital when they need it most.

The company’s services are aimed at helping small businesses that are often turned down by traditional lenders with critical funds. Additionally, SPS aims to prevent clients from having to meet multiple requirements to be eligible for a loan and waiting weeks or even months to obtain financing.

The company generally approves funds for qualified applicants who have at least $ 4,000 in monthly deposits in a business checking account, zero credit ratings, are not in open bankruptcy, and have not been flagged for too many negative daily balances in their account.

SPS loans can be used for different purposes. Businesses can raise funds to address unforeseen problems such as broken equipment, pay bills and taxes, cover payroll costs, support an advertising campaign, or simply replenish overall cash flow.

Interested parties can verify if they qualify for an SPS loan by completing a pre-approval form available on their website.

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