Money Saving Expert Warns Government Not to Increase Graduate Debt Burden

Students were up in arms after reading the Financial Times scoop that the UK government is considering lowering the salary level at which graduates must start repaying their loans.

Currently, student loan repayments start when you make more than £ 27,225 per year, but the FT has reported that this could drop to around £ 23,000 in the future. The changes are expected to apply retrospectively to those who started their college courses after 2012, including this week’s podcast guest Ola, a 24-year-old graduate, who fears how much the changes could cost her.

“If this is hindsight, then for me it is a violation of natural justice and it is certainly something I would be yelling at,” Martin Lewis tells Claer. “Should students be afraid? Yes.”

In addition to exploring the possible impact on youth budgets, we heard from FT reporter Bethan Staton on the political motivation for any changes to the loan system.

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