GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., March 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — the Zero sum First market report is the automotive industry’s premier source for predicting month-end vehicle movement, providing vital data on supply and demand trends to marketers and auto dealers. ZeroSum uses predictive modeling to accurately estimate new vehicle inventory, price trends and market share.

ZeroSum’s Perspective: What You Need to Know

Supply chain constraints continue to contribute to inventory shortages and, as noted below, many brands have found ways to increase inventory levels in March 2022. News in Ukraine could further constrain the supply chains of European automakers, possibly adding further strains to these brands’ ability to resupply the US market. In United Statesa combination of high inflation, rising fuel prices and the prospect of rising interest rates are likely to influence consumer behavior as buyers are likely to consider more fuel efficient vehicles fuel or electric.

Here are your main takeaways:

  • Dealers with increased levels of new inventory should take advantage of their position to maximize unit sales volume and gain market share.
  • Dealerships with increased inventory should also look to price vehicles competitively as consumers find more options in the marketplace.
  • Used car prices continue to climb. For dealers, this means the ability to stock and move in-demand pre-owned inventory remains a key strategy for attracting consumers and maintaining overall gross.
  • Additionally, with an increase in inventory-based marketing through tools such as Google Vehicle Adsdealers are now able to dynamically market their new and used inventory to in-market consumers much more efficiently, in real time.

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