LUNC price and USTC price have been rising in the 2 and 3 digits for more than 2 days, signaling a strong recovery phase. LUNC price recently emerged from a strong accumulation phase. After testing the immediate resistance, it now aims to secure the levels near the upper crucial areas. On the other hand, the UST price has also taken a huge bullish momentum over the past couple of days.

Will the price of LUNA also prepare to compete with LUNC and UST to regain its lost glory?

TerraClassic price lately formed a few bullish flags which induced catapult action to secure the next resistance levels. The asset reached its highs at $0.0001574 and is facing a notable pullback towards current levels at $0.000132. However, the asset appears extremely bullish despite the bearish price action which could lift the price above $0.0001700 before the day’s close.

However, consolidation within the pennant is always distinct from its top. Therefore, the price should oscillate in a narrow range or lose some of its gains until it reaches the top. Moreover, a massive breakout could significantly increase prices, pushing prices up more than 20% to 25% before the end of the current quarter.

On the other hand, LUNA price broke down from a bullish flag and fell almost 20% recently. However, the price has rallied considerably since then, following a significant upward trendline. The bears seem to be quite dominant at the moment and hence the possibility of the price getting back to the trendline emerges.

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According to some reports, the address containing the LUNA tokens is also dropping sharply, which may negatively impact the price. The asset may not receive the volume required to lift the price above the danger zones around $3 initially. Additionally, the RSI is about to break the trendline and drop sharply, which could push prices down.

Collectively, the LUNC and USTC prices have grown enough thanks to their community. As previously predicted by Coinpedia, LUNC price regains the uptrend long before LUNA price, while USTC is also on course to kill a zero in its price.

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