Stallion Megan Thee He learned the importance of financial education at a young age, so it’s no wonder the rapper and soon to graduate from college is pushing lessons in Bitcoin.

What CashAppThe most recent spokesperson, the 26-year-old CEO of Hot Girl, wants to help her fans understand the world of finance, in particular cryptocurrencies. In her second educational video as part of her partnership with the company, the rapper offered a lesson on Bitcoin 101 and has the mobile payment app to thank for it. “I have [Bitcoin] after downloading the app, “Meg told iHeartRadio.” It was a really simple experience, especially since the Cash app allows you to buy fractions of stocks or cryptocurrencies. I wanted to dive right in and make sure I educate myself on the process. “

If you follow the chart-topper on Instagram, you know the rapper is all about her currency, with multiple endorsements and endorsement deals spread across her grid. Simply put, Hot Girl Meg has always invested in her hustle, both in her rapping aspirations and in school. “My family always believed that getting an education and graduating from college is extremely important,” she recalled, admitting the ways she felt empowered by investing in herself and learning about finances. “When I was able to pay off my student loan, it was a great time for me, and I realized how important financial education is. You have to take the time and learn and educate yourself about the process, but once you do, you can have fun. much “.

When it comes to embracing new forms of cryptocurrencies, including the “wild and creative” world of NFTs, Meg is outspoken and specifically cites Bitcoin as “an interesting way to diversify. [her] investments “but recognized that navigating finances is something everyone has to do with their own judgment.” Only you can decide if Bitcoin is a smart investment, “he added.

At the moment, he is working on the 2020 follow-up Good news, which she considers a “aggressive” return to formand finishing his studies at Texas Southern University. She is poised to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in health administration this fall. “The school has really kept me grounded,” he said of balancing his education and his fame, but admitted there is a key lesson he has learned while achieving his dreams. “Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. I always had two plans: go to college and be a rapper,” she explained. “I wouldn’t let anyone tell me that I can’t do both. You have to believe in yourself and not let doubt creep in. You can do it all.”

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